St Alkmund’s Church, Shrewsbury


At the very heart of the historic and beautiful town of Shrewsbury stands the church of St Alkmund, which celebrates its 1,111th anniversary this year. St. Alkmund’s was founded by Aethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians, daughter of Alfred the Great and one of the great women of the Saxon age. Hemmed in by medieval markets, mansions and bustling, narrow lanes, the church has long been an island of tranquillity and prayer at the centre of the town. Today, the elegant Georgian reincarnation of St Alkmund’s remains a focus for worship, and one of Shrewsbury’s ‘hidden gems’ for the visitor to discover. Whether you have travelled from near or from far, you are most welcome.

St Alkmund’s church from the north-west: picture: Shrewsbury Museum

Visitors to this lovely church – try our Virtual Tour using your phone and the QR code on one pillar of the western arch…

For children there is a printed “Kidzkwiz” in the church (and on this website) with answers on the website (also a QR code in the church)

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St. Alkmund’s, Shrewsbury is committed to Safeguarding and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies. Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Gilly Crossclick here to contact Gilly.

picture: Lee Roberts

St Alkmund’s Church, 6, St Alkmond’s Square, SHREWSBURY, SY1 1UH

The United Benefice of St Alkmund’s & St Chad’s with St Mary’s

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