The Organ

The two-manual Harrison and Harrison organ currently in St Alkmund’s came to the church on semi-permanent loan after the closing of Addington Palace as headquarters of the Royal School of Church Music in 1996. This “Sydney Nicholson” organ, designed by the founder of the RSCM himself in association with Harrison and Harrison, passed briefly through other homes before settling in Shrewsbury in 2006.

Although not designed for St Alkmund’s, the organ’s scale and flexible specification is well suited to its new surroundings, and it is a pleasure that it not only accompanies services, but continues to be used as a teaching instrument.

Hear the St Alkmund’s organ – click on the ‘Play’ button



Lieblich Gedekt 8′

Gemshorn 4′

Fifteenth 2′

Twelfth 2 2/3′

Contra Oboe 16′

(Octave, Suboctave.

Unison off)

Sw – Gt


Claribel Flute 8′

Salicional 8′

Dulcet 4′

Open Diapason 8′

Gt – Sw

PEDAL (to F’)

Sub Bass 16′

Flute 8′

Sw – Ped, Gt – Ped

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