Answers to the Kidszkwiz

How did you get on??? Maximum score possible:  50 pointsSHERLOCK HOLMES 40 points or more – DETECTIVE INSPECTOR   30 points or more – DETECTIVE SERGEANT      25 points or more – DETECTIVE CONSTABLE less than 25 – INSPECTOR JAPP (better luck next time!!)

  1. The coat of arms (on the list of past Incumbents) is that of the LADY ETHELFLEDA.
  2. The bearded man is MOSES, and he is carrying part of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.
  3. There are THREE doves, two in the WINDOWS and one on the FONT near the VISITOR’S BOOK.
  4. The Lamb is on one side of the FONT. The font is used to BAPTISE people.
  5. 36 (did you check both ends of the pews?)
  6. Francis EGINTON was the painter – his name is bottom right in the East window.
  7. The all-seeing Eye is also on the FONT. The font cover was made in 2021.
  8. This plaque is on the North Wall. There are 14 in all – called ‘stations of the Cross’.
  9. Three figures. The brass was returned to the church in 1953.
  10. The board is under the tower. There were eight bells – the smallest the treble and the largest the tenor. The bells are now in St Andrew’s Cathedral in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. USA.
  11. The organ has two keyboards (if you said three counting the pedals we will accept that answer!). The organ builders were Harrison and Harrison. The organ at one time stood in the chapel of Addington Palace near Croydon (did you look on the back of the photo next to the organ???).
  12. The words are engraved in the glass of the window by the N.E. entrance/fire exit.
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